Day 26 – 10 billion dollar fossils

Saw an article which was published yesterday with the headline: Australian fossil fuel subsidies hit $10.3 billion in 2020-21. This number seems shocking, unless you know anything at all about anything. Given how tired I am from getting all the past 9 days poems up, I thought it’s low hanging fruit, but I’m gonna pick it anyway. (Some poet days are harder than others.)

NB still had issues uploading photo so it’s not completely solved: had to restart computer three times before it “took”.


10 billion dollar fossils 

Scummo & his LNP dinosaurs
are increasing fossil fuel subsides
as they’re being phased out worldwide

every minute of last year $19,686 
was given to coal oil & gas companies 
& major users of fossil fuels

they like to pretend 
they’re important players
giving back to the economy

instead of the socialist teat 
sucking velociraptors they are

— give em an indue card 
& be done with em

~ interregnum II ~

Today after a lot of frustrating time wasted I think I have finally solved my inability to upload photos to my WordPress blog on a daily basis.

It’s possibly been because I’ve had too many programs &/or tabs open in the background, but my computer is reasonably powerful in the RAM department & can run video & sound editing programs with ease, so if that is the case it suggests the new version of WordPress is pretty clunky.

None-the-less, I think the problem has been solved & these poems that have been slowly accumulating since the last interregnum (April 16) can now be cleared & the rest of the month dealt with day by day as intended. Fingers crossed.

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That’s that then; now I’ve got to actually write one for today. Back later I hope.

~ interregnum ~

For reasons known only to WordPress, I have not been able to upload photos to my blog since April 9.

This has been extremely frustrating as I am constantly being told I am most likely offline — even as I am capable of doing a wide range of other internet based activity (including searching why WordPress photos are not loading, to no avail).

It has caused no end of swearing, cursing & full-on hissy fits which have upset my poor pooch immensely who doesn’t understand why I’m shouting at the stoopid light box. (Not that he really gets why I spend so much time staring at it when I could be throwing a ball, taking him for a walk, or best of all, feeding him treats.)

However, that said, I still have been writing a new poem every day; even if I haven’t been able to load them.

Finally today, for some reason the curse has lifted, & I have been able to upload everything. So I am spending the next couple of hours trying to unclog the backlog.

Thanks for your patience.

OMFG. Not again. My life for the past X days.

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Day 09 – A series of questions I’d like to ask climate change deniers

A series of questions I’d like to ask climate change deniers

How do you know the world
was hotter thousands of years ago?
People have said so?
Oh. What kind of people?
Can you say it?
Don’t worry I will then.
Scientists have.
So why do you believe those scientists but not the 97%?

When the planet was hotter
what lived then?
Were humans around?
You don’t know?
That’s okay.
The answer is —
No, they weren’t!
The world was dominated 
by a bunch of giant cold blooded lizards.
Any warm blooded potential ancestors 
of ours
were tiny little rodents
scurrying around 
trying not to get stepped on
or eaten

& why did the dinosaurs reign supreme
during this so-called “normal”/“natural” 
warmer greenhouse earth you farking 
deniers love to harp on about?

Because. They. Were. Much. Better. Suited. 
To. Such. High. Temperatures. Than. Human-like. 
Creatures. Like. Us. Were.    Or. Ever. Will. Be.

Day 5 – in firing range

This is the poem I started writing yesterday till all the might have beens that never were muscled its way out into the world mid-draft. I’ve gone back to it today & finished it off.

in firing range

despite insane frustration with inept governments :
& debilitating rage at arrogant greedybloodhungry
multinational corps’ ruthless relentless unabashed 
pillaging of the planet : part of me knows — i
can’t really complain : for since that so long past :
never forgotten : sunday : i too have failed to meet targets

failed to reduce emissions (though reducing consumption 
would be more benefit) : failed in every known dataset
that supposedly counts : for something : in life : 
marriage : career : kids : success : legacy : wealth 
accumulation : financial security : et cetera : & : ad nauseum

for the longest time : failed to even notice
i’d been trapped in a tomb : since the first 
of those soulharrowing three days : over three
decades ago : the stone rolled back on me :
unaware : unable to escape my darkness

the difference i suppose is my failure :
has destroyed predominantly me :
(with deepest apologies to a handful
of beautiful people who were caught
in the crosshairs of my grief) : whereas
it is currently the world : being crucified 
now : & into the firing range : of the future

NB I'm really hating the new WordPress. It's repeatedly refusing to let me upload photos saying I'm not connected to the internet (even though I am & capable of opening other pages, watching youtube videos, etc. It's highly frustrating & causing the delays in posting.

Day 4 – all the might have beens that never were

This emotionally draining day usually comes along at some point during NaPoWriMo but not often this soon in (although I note I will have respite in 2024 when Easter Sunday falls on March 31). Best to get it over with early I guess. 

It’s not quite tied into the Climate Change theme as, erm, intricately as it perhaps could be. That said it did come out of a poem I was working on which was more intensely linked … & you could argue that there have been a series of dates & deadlines that could have dramatically affected/lessened the potential clout of the coming temperature rise … so thematically there’s a connection … so … I’m gonna allow it! (Whew, I was worried there for a sec I wasn’t going to convince myself.)

04 three-paths

all the might have beens that never were

today : mournday sunday
is one of two : fallow days
in every : whimpering year
i allow myself : to truly : wallow

to weep deep :  for my 
lost three : to wonder
over all the might have beens 
that never          :          were

to let grief’s heat : blister
through : the other mes
other lives : other trajectories
other doors : other : if onlys

all the stars that might : have burned
all the constellations : that others :
might have read : into that sky
all the other pathways : all the other joys

all the other : others : that never were

Day 3 – 5 common myths about climate change

I began the day working on what I thought would be a suite of short poems under the title “10 common myths about climate change”

I thought it would be quick & easy to offer a witty one or two line rebuttal. It wasn’t. It was hard hard hard. & I’m not sure how much poetry they contain. The tough thing is so many answers require nuance (so much so, I’ve considered it as a possible title of a future poem) which i) takes time to explain & ii) deniers don’t seem to really want to know about.

So what you’re getting is 5 mythpomes. The other 5 might appear sometime in the future (or not). If they do, perhaps I can choose the best 2-3 to be the actual poem. However, having essentially written 5 pomes today, I wonder if I can have the next 4 days off.

Finally, to borrow from one of the articles I read: “the myths in this list have been studied thoroughly by climate scientists and repeatedly debunked. Yet they persist, often as a result of an organized disinformation campaign waged by special interests whose goal is to raise doubts among the public and delay action on human-caused climate change.”

5 common myths about climate change

Myth #1: It’s the sun.

Sure , the sun’s changed
intensity in the past 
causing profound 
climate modifications
often ice ages which form
over thousands of years
not the few hundreds 
scientists are studying 
— that said : solar irradiance 
is actually down a shade
from a post-war peak : so , no

Myth #2: Scientists disagree on the cause of climate change.

No , they don’t . Not climate scientists 
at least . Sure maybe there’s some botanists, 
paleontologists, seismologists & epidemiologists
who aren’t convinced — but do you 
go to a dentist for a heart transplant ;
or a podiatrist to have that weird
looking growth on your back
removed .

Myth #3: The climate has always changed. It’s natural.

Correct . 
Always has . Always will .

But .
What the deniers 
willfully overlook
is the unprecedented 
pace of change .
Temperatures have risen
10 times faster than during
the last mass extinction
56 million years ago .

Myth #4: It’s cold out. What happened to global warming?

Facepalm . This one should be easy .
Weather is not climate . The end .

Surely it’s obvious that Down Under
summer days can be over 40 degrees Celsius
for a weeks at a time while snow falls
in Cornwall .

Nor do these two diverse 
weather patterns preclude
broad temperature shifts 
across the entire Earth
over the course of months , years , and decades. 

Myth #5: Carbon dioxide levels are tiny. They can’t make a difference.

True , carbon dioxide 
(aka CO2) comprises a minute
fraction of our atmosphere
less than tenth of a percent . 
but that doesn’t mean
it’s not great at its job
— ie , trapping heat ;
CO2 punches above
its molecular weight .
For most of the past million years
carbon dioxide has been below 
280 parts per million
yet since the revolution 
of industry started
levels are now 415 parts per 
— 35% increase in a century
& a half . tiny you say ? 

For comparison
— at 1.3 parts per million
sarin gas irritates
mucus membranes ;
pulmonary issues begin
when exposures exceed 
15 parts per million ;
& you’re dead in thirty min
if the concentration 
tops 430 P.P.Ms .

it’s not the fraction 
that matters
but the effect it has

also true , CO2 
is only one of many
ironically water vapour
is the greenhouse gas
with the biggest impact ;
nitrous oxide & others
play their role too
(however , that’s a poem
for another day)

Day 2 – conspiracy kiss

Why is it always the usual suspects that get rounded up in the weirdest theories? 

conspiracy kiss

thankfully i : only have a few : in my friendship group : but why is it : the same people : who wildly warned me : exactly 12 months ago : that covid 19 : was a chinese invention : funded by bill gates : hillary’s pizza shop : & spread via 5g : designed to   :  :  :   oh, I dunno : something nefarious : involving : microchips : a new world order : & stopping trump from re-election

are the same : geniuses : who claim : human-caused climate change : is not really a thing : & call me (all of us) : sheeple : & beseech us : to : “do our own research” : which to them : means a youtube page : with several hundred views : & a blog written by : an angry : out of work : austrian geologist 

me : rather than think : i’m being conned : believe instead : in the KISS theory : of understanding things : which is : if a substantial number : of climate scientists : claim we’re over : heating the world : chances are : that’s what’s happening

Day 1 – denial of a different kind

It’s April which means, once again, that the ghosts of Na/GloPoWriMo walk among us.  Ever year I debate about whether I should participate, & every year I end up saying to myself “come on, suck it up”

Last year (you might recall) was a wee bit of a crazy one … & to reflect that I wrote every poem around the theme of corona & plague & pandemics & virus.   For me at least, it worked very well. I got to explore a hot topic in a range of ways; while managing to produce 4 or 5 reasonably high quality poems on the topic, in a range of styles. So I intend trying the same trick this year — except this time the 30 poems won’t be about the world ending in plague. Whew! Everyone says. 

No, this year I intend to explore heat & climate change & extreme weather events. It’s a topic I’ve already penned a dozen or so poems about; but given it really is the burning topic of the age, it’s one I’ve wanted to explore more. Indeed, it feels like there’s a moral obligation as an artist to explore it; and for the world to actually act on it.

denial of a different kind 

when a thing — 
the threat of a thing
is so — so vastly big
ordinary brains
(brains that are far
from brilliant
at even the best of times)
— become bamboozled, 
boggled, & literally 
bogged into inaction —
thoughts unable to move
in any direction — 
stuck under a quick
sand miasma of missed
— real & imagined

it seems all this simple
mind is capable of
is crawling beneath 
the covers & hiding
from the immensity
of the impending

the only apparent
benefit being at least 
my doona-clutching 
cowardice won’t generate 
too much in the way
of excess carbon costs