~ interregnum II ~

Today after a lot of frustrating time wasted I think I have finally solved my inability to upload photos to my WordPress blog on a daily basis.

It’s possibly been because I’ve had too many programs &/or tabs open in the background, but my computer is reasonably powerful in the RAM department & can run video & sound editing programs with ease, so if that is the case it suggests the new version of WordPress is pretty clunky.

None-the-less, I think the problem has been solved & these poems that have been slowly accumulating since the last interregnum (April 16) can now be cleared & the rest of the month dealt with day by day as intended. Fingers crossed.

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That’s that then; now I’ve got to actually write one for today. Back later I hope.

~ interregnum ~

For reasons known only to WordPress, I have not been able to upload photos to my blog since April 9.

This has been extremely frustrating as I am constantly being told I am most likely offline — even as I am capable of doing a wide range of other internet based activity (including searching why WordPress photos are not loading, to no avail).

It has caused no end of swearing, cursing & full-on hissy fits which have upset my poor pooch immensely who doesn’t understand why I’m shouting at the stoopid light box. (Not that he really gets why I spend so much time staring at it when I could be throwing a ball, taking him for a walk, or best of all, feeding him treats.)

However, that said, I still have been writing a new poem every day; even if I haven’t been able to load them.

Finally today, for some reason the curse has lifted, & I have been able to upload everything. So I am spending the next couple of hours trying to unclog the backlog.

Thanks for your patience.

OMFG. Not again. My life for the past X days.

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Day 23 – April Twenty Three: venting

April 23. St George’s Day. Famous day. Not the Shakespeare 450th birthday anniversary poem I was working on, but something more pressing & urgent.

In the Dark

Dear Power Company,

As I sit here
By candles
But mostly
In the dark
I just have
One question
How can you
My power
Without access
To the inside
Of the house
But you cannot
Reconnect it
The same way
The meter
Hasn’t moved
Since yesterday
When you shut
It off
You bunch
Of cocks.

Yours etc

PS Don’t think
I’m paying
The after hours
Call out fee
For this!

PS 2 sorry Bill
Your poem
Was looking
good too 




Apologies to those following this blog for the absence of new poems over the past 6 days. This was unexpected owing to three factors:

1, being away from my wonderful study over Easter
2, while being away, being unable to remember my WordPress password to be able to log in via iPad (the method by which I intended to fulfil my posting duties)
3, returning from Easter Long weekend away to discover my power had been disconnected, followed the next day by my phone (apparently large multinational companies don’t take too kindly to financially struggling poets not paying their bills!) Both are now reinstated & the catch up will begin.

The good news is, I kept writing over those days, posting each day directly as a Facebook status instead of linking this page to fb.  So it shouldn’t take too long to update everything.

Let the deluge begin! 

~ interlude ~

This is a quick note to advise the “technical difficulties” have been resolved. These were all legitimate technical issues & not a creative black hole including: a hectic weekend, being away from my computer, forgetting word press password & dropbox not syncing to the most recent draft of a poem.  I assure you, every day a poem was written.  These will now be arriving over the next hour or so, as I upload & format each new page till I am current.  Thank you for patience during this most trying of times (heehee).  I hope the end result is worth the wait.

NB if at any time you read anything you like, please feel to share, like, comment … or even subscribe.  All interaction with folks who read my poems, is both appreciated & inspiring.  (Even if you disagree/dislike something, I’d love to know why!)