Day 26 – 10 billion dollar fossils

Saw an article which was published yesterday with the headline: Australian fossil fuel subsidies hit $10.3 billion in 2020-21. This number seems shocking, unless you know anything at all about anything. Given how tired I am from getting all the past 9 days poems up, I thought it’s low hanging fruit, but I’m gonna pick it anyway. (Some poet days are harder than others.)

NB still had issues uploading photo so it’s not completely solved: had to restart computer three times before it “took”.


10 billion dollar fossils 

Scummo & his LNP dinosaurs
are increasing fossil fuel subsides
as they’re being phased out worldwide

every minute of last year $19,686 
was given to coal oil & gas companies 
& major users of fossil fuels

they like to pretend 
they’re important players
giving back to the economy

instead of the socialist teat 
sucking velociraptors they are

— give em an indue card 
& be done with em

Day 11 — airshows, et al

Altering behaviour to avert climate change is about more than factories emitting CO2 & driving to work in SUVs.

airshows, et al

today my brigade volunteered at the local airshow
(wednesday’s training: sobering instruction 
on the way to approach a burning aircraft)
& while it was eye-opening
having never attended an event like this
the whole time i kept thinking
how much fuel are these planes using
doing essentially meaningless flybys 
& stunt work & dropping skydivers 
from the clouds like prophets — 
then, when they turn on the “bonus” effect
of smoke oil to produce long chemtrails
of covid-spreading 5G goodness drifting 
toxic dust disappearing with the wind
all for the sole purpose of entertaining 
a few thousand fanatics & bored toddlers
repeat this all over with F1s & bike races
& rally cars & motocross & supercars
& all of it, all this relentless flaming
of fossil fuel … just, for entertainment

i know the correct way to approach a burning plane
but not, sadly, a burning planet