~ interregnum ~

For reasons known only to WordPress, I have not been able to upload photos to my blog since April 9.

This has been extremely frustrating as I am constantly being told I am most likely offline — even as I am capable of doing a wide range of other internet based activity (including searching why WordPress photos are not loading, to no avail).

It has caused no end of swearing, cursing & full-on hissy fits which have upset my poor pooch immensely who doesn’t understand why I’m shouting at the stoopid light box. (Not that he really gets why I spend so much time staring at it when I could be throwing a ball, taking him for a walk, or best of all, feeding him treats.)

However, that said, I still have been writing a new poem every day; even if I haven’t been able to load them.

Finally today, for some reason the curse has lifted, & I have been able to upload everything. So I am spending the next couple of hours trying to unclog the backlog.

Thanks for your patience.

OMFG. Not again. My life for the past X days.

Quick links to 7 days of posts.

~ Interlude ~


Been having a few issues with my computer this week. 2 hours Saturday night trying to prepare blog page, over 3 hours last night. Running slow, loading slow, despite turning off/restarting, clearing stuff off to try & make it run faster. Almost felt like giving up & abandoning NaPoWriMo this year. The poems are being written okay, just getting them onto WP has been a headache. But then, something strange happened. Woke up this morning, fired up the old boy … & everything seems to be working fine. So who knows. Maybe it just didn’t wanna work on the week end.

So the past three days’ worth of poems will now follow in quick catch-up succession (cross fingers) …