~ interregnum ~

For reasons known only to WordPress, I have not been able to upload photos to my blog since April 9.

This has been extremely frustrating as I am constantly being told I am most likely offline — even as I am capable of doing a wide range of other internet based activity (including searching why WordPress photos are not loading, to no avail).

It has caused no end of swearing, cursing & full-on hissy fits which have upset my poor pooch immensely who doesn’t understand why I’m shouting at the stoopid light box. (Not that he really gets why I spend so much time staring at it when I could be throwing a ball, taking him for a walk, or best of all, feeding him treats.)

However, that said, I still have been writing a new poem every day; even if I haven’t been able to load them.

Finally today, for some reason the curse has lifted, & I have been able to upload everything. So I am spending the next couple of hours trying to unclog the backlog.

Thanks for your patience.

OMFG. Not again. My life for the past X days.

Quick links to 7 days of posts.

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