Day 09 – A series of questions I’d like to ask climate change deniers

A series of questions I’d like to ask climate change deniers

How do you know the world
was hotter thousands of years ago?
People have said so?
Oh. What kind of people?
Can you say it?
Don’t worry I will then.
Scientists have.
So why do you believe those scientists but not the 97%?

When the planet was hotter
what lived then?
Were humans around?
You don’t know?
That’s okay.
The answer is —
No, they weren’t!
The world was dominated 
by a bunch of giant cold blooded lizards.
Any warm blooded potential ancestors 
of ours
were tiny little rodents
scurrying around 
trying not to get stepped on
or eaten

& why did the dinosaurs reign supreme
during this so-called “normal”/“natural” 
warmer greenhouse earth you farking 
deniers love to harp on about?

Because. They. Were. Much. Better. Suited. 
To. Such. High. Temperatures. Than. Human-like. 
Creatures. Like. Us. Were.    Or. Ever. Will. Be.

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