Day 26 — predicting the end of monopolies

Monday’s volume of poetry read was a recent purchase & one I’ve been saving for the end of the month: Brian Bilston’s Alexa, what is there to know about love? I was saving Bilston for the end because he’s so fun & playful & cheeky & clever in his word game poems — & I suspected/knew I’d need an energising pick me up (this month more than usual; or perhaps not, perhaps it always feels this way by the end. I suspect it does, we just choose to blank it out).

“Love in the Age of Google” is a poem made up of single lines from google’s predictive text. I’ve seen a couple of other attempts at this type of poem & thought today is a good day to test it out (for reasons which will hopefilly become clearer in Poem 2). Curation of results has taken place. I wish I made more time to make both poems shorter, tighter, but I don’t …


Predicting Orpheus

1. DuckDuckGo
(yes other search engines are available)

did orpheus save eurydice
did orpheus look back
did orpheus die
did orpheus have children
did orpheus see eurydice in the underworld

— think most of these are pretty easy to answer, though the children one pulls me up short

why did orpheus look back
why did orpheus look back at eurydice
why did orpheus decide to rescue his wife
why did orpheus go to the underworld
why did orpheus die

— hmmm, feel like these are questions i should’ve asked at the start of the month. life mightabeen easier.

why was orpheus
why was orpheus killed
why was orpheus adored in thrace
why was ephesus abandoned
why was ephesus an important city
why was morpheus recast

— sometimes the algorithm breaks down, yes, even before i do

2. Google

i. did orpheus
what instrument did orpheus play 
…..oh good, an easy one. the lute. ah, harp. the lyre, the lyre…
what did orpheus do
…..wandered round the place singing. after that, things get ugly
how did orpheus get into the underworld 
…..excellent question, one which took me considerable
…..time in my books & online to answer
how did orpheus die 
…..not pleasantly. will that suffice?

ii. why did orpheus
why did orpheus go to the underworld 
…..even not knowing the tale, surely this is work-outable
why did orpheus look back
…..which is, of course, the crux
why did eurydice run away from orpheus 
… away? really? that’s the verb you’ve chosen.
why did orpheus look back at eurydice
… really all comes back to this, doesn’t it?
why did the maenads kill orpheus 
… “it’s complicated” a good enough reply?

iii. outtakes & bloopers
(in the interest of balance, google had its share of quirky predictions too)

~why did roman kill orpheus wife 
~why did hades give orpheus a condition 
~why did the gods gave condition to orpheus 
~why did thanatos come out of orpheus 
~why did morpheus kill orpheus


Day 26 — TACD (Today Another Company Died)

The Online Jungle — worse than the real Amazon

Audiobookstand, Avalon 
Books, Bookpages, BookSurge, 
Telebook, TobyPress, 
& Waldenbooks 

all book-related businesses 
Amazon has bought 
& closed (sometimes 
parts are “merged”)

sadly today Book Depository 
has been added to that list

a UK online book store 
once known for its wild range
affordability, & free worldwide D

launched in 2004 Amazon 
“acquired” the company
in 2011 (it was several years
before i realised 
my protest purchasing
was still lining
bald Jeff’s pockets)

but don’t feel too bad
(Amazon don’t)

they still own: 
Audible, Abebooks, 
GoodReads, ComiXology

none of which they 
developed themselves. 
all bought out to 
prop up/become 
part of the Bezos 

& this isn’t all of them

there’s MGM, Twitch, 
IMDb, Kiva, WholeFoods 
& countless others across 
disciplines i’ve not even listed 
at least 115, possibly more

these “killer acquisitions” 
aren’t limited to the cut
throat world of books

fossil fuel companies do it
buy green startups
shut them down
because they don’t 
want the competition

pharmaceutical companies 
buy rivals to eliminate 
competing therapies 
under development
so theirs is the only

it’s something we should all care about 
it’s why our antitrust laws need to be given real teeth

Day 4 – Cave at Sunset + baby porcupine poem

Day 4’s challenge was to write a Triolet: rhyme scheme ABaAabAB (where capital letters represent lines repeated verbatim). Such formal structure poetry is always a challenge until you find the right line to serve as the spine. I’m not sure I quite have yet, but it’s a darn sight better than the original version.


Excerpt from Cave at Sunset

From dark within the cave breathes earth
And the wild fireflies all fail to shine
Leaving every heart bereft of mirth

Funfact Day 4 – a baby porcupine poem

baby porcupines are called 
quite rightly & quite cutely

{& nothing more of this poem was written
as the poet spent the reminder of his time
absolutely & overwhelmingly smitten
watching videos & googling porcupics online}

Day 04 – poem about research


As the poem explains, I was working on a different piece when I was interrupted (many times) by beloved niece. Since I didn’t have time to complete the previous composition, a hasty last-minute decision was made to salvage some of the wasted time into this … er, sparkling effort you see before you.

millennials on the interwebs

just spent over 35
minutes on a back &
forth text argument
with my niece find
her somewhat wonky
feet learning how
to attribute sources
in academic writing
(yes i know, zzzzzzzz)
when i should have
been finishing today’s
poem of perfection
& utmost genius

spent too much time
trying to teach her
how to fish on the net
for more than just cute
kittens & youtube vids
of people falling off things

ergo: a condensed
summation of the encounter

If i use a quote from a
lecture how do i
reference it do you


It doent explain shit..

Type: how do I reference
a quote from a lecture
Harvard (that’s what I did)

None of them are
answeeing my question..
doesnt matte

Don’t get huffy with
me !!!

I dont even know who
the bloddy lecturer is
because  the lectures
written and it doesnt say
anywhete im looking
through everything!



It wasn’t a matter of
Google it was a matter of
working how who the
author was

Well why the fack you
even asking me then! I
don’t know who your
lecturer is 😝

I know but at first i didnt
know if the lecturer was
the author or if i had to
reference where they get
their info from..

Not what you asked me

The more specific your
question, the more
accurate the answer is
likely to be 😂😂😂

Btw you’re welcome 😜

Solve it for yourself next
time lazy pants x

the radio silence
between my last
4 answers implies
there might not be
a next time for this
grumpy uncle