Day 4 – Cave at Sunset + baby porcupine poem

Day 4’s challenge was to write a Triolet: rhyme scheme ABaAabAB (where capital letters represent lines repeated verbatim). Such formal structure poetry is always a challenge until you find the right line to serve as the spine. I’m not sure I quite have yet, but it’s a darn sight better than the original version.


Excerpt from Cave at Sunset

From dark within the cave breathes earth
And the wild fireflies all fail to shine
Leaving every heart bereft of mirth

Funfact Day 4 – a baby porcupine poem

baby porcupines are called 
quite rightly & quite cutely

{& nothing more of this poem was written
as the poet spent the reminder of his time
absolutely & overwhelmingly smitten
watching videos & googling porcupics online}

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