Day 20 – pity party (& binge bash)

20 mudwallow_buffalo.jpg

This was actually begun as a poem for someone else … & took a wrong turn along the way, which improved it immeasurably.



was happily wallowing, wallowing;
in my heart of broken glass pain;
my sad song that never ends;
my woe-is-me tale of eternal misery;
with my wounded soul lying in a cave;
like a hippo in mud;
like the proverbial pig;
like the …
                  when i got to wondering
what other creatures like a good wallow.
a quick interwebbing told me
   elephants & elephant seals
     warthogs & rhinoceroses
        tapirs & bison all do; some deer too.

accidentally learning along the way,
it’s a comfort behaviour, free sunscreen,
insect repellent, wet brush to enhance
moulting & remove parasites; as well as
aids social cohesion & play in young animals.

by which, i’d forgotten my mopery
(though i was a good deal    itchier)

BONUS POEM: April 20, 2018

After a scare with their prepaid Skip the Line tickets I finally saw my mother (Old Ma Jones) & my niece inside, when I thought, WTH I may as join the end of the queue & see how long it actually takes. Seemed a shame to be so close & not even try.



I did not leave
myself all day
lost in the space
I’m always lost in
— from here
I glimpse
things stranger
than I have known
things I could
once have been
were it not
for the shadows
in the vale

20b hyde park.jpg

Day 04 – poem about research


As the poem explains, I was working on a different piece when I was interrupted (many times) by beloved niece. Since I didn’t have time to complete the previous composition, a hasty last-minute decision was made to salvage some of the wasted time into this … er, sparkling effort you see before you.

millennials on the interwebs

just spent over 35
minutes on a back &
forth text argument
with my niece find
her somewhat wonky
feet learning how
to attribute sources
in academic writing
(yes i know, zzzzzzzz)
when i should have
been finishing today’s
poem of perfection
& utmost genius

spent too much time
trying to teach her
how to fish on the net
for more than just cute
kittens & youtube vids
of people falling off things

ergo: a condensed
summation of the encounter

If i use a quote from a
lecture how do i
reference it do you


It doent explain shit..

Type: how do I reference
a quote from a lecture
Harvard (that’s what I did)

None of them are
answeeing my question..
doesnt matte

Don’t get huffy with
me !!!

I dont even know who
the bloddy lecturer is
because  the lectures
written and it doesnt say
anywhete im looking
through everything!



It wasn’t a matter of
Google it was a matter of
working how who the
author was

Well why the fack you
even asking me then! I
don’t know who your
lecturer is 😝

I know but at first i didnt
know if the lecturer was
the author or if i had to
reference where they get
their info from..

Not what you asked me

The more specific your
question, the more
accurate the answer is
likely to be 😂😂😂

Btw you’re welcome 😜

Solve it for yourself next
time lazy pants x

the radio silence
between my last
4 answers implies
there might not be
a next time for this
grumpy uncle