Day 24 – glory (& well, more glory)

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Thoughts which have been broiling round in my brain while driving round the Barossa these past few weeks as Vintage wraps up, have finally coalesced into a reasonable poem. (After a bit of a biological brush up on the process of leaf colour changing.)



with the arrival of mechanical harvesters
the Valley lost much of its vivid autumnal charm.
over violent shaking of the vines strips a quarter
or more of the leaf cover & startles the remainder
into a state of shock. though improved technology
has recently reduced the trauma & restored slightly
the brilliant explosions, breathtaking feast-your-eyes
yellow-golds, gorgeous scarlets, cheekblushing-crimsons,
redhued-rubies, winedark-purples, outrageous-oranges.
but still, slowly, the old ways die.

a smilier malaise is affecting the less prevalent,
but still present, deciduous population. normally
as daylight declines & the nights grow long & cold,
chlorophyll production slows as plants recycle
& ship to storage those molecules ready for next season.
the domineering chlorophyll, no longer in the ascendancy
allows the always-present but lushly masked
complex chemistry compounds called carotenoids,
yellows & oranges, to have their moment in the sun
(as it were); before the red, pink, & purple pigments
responsible for sunscreen, light protection & pest prevention
kick in to complete the slow motion fireworks display.

but this year’s long dry summer means unhealthy
water-stressed trees seem to be cutting their losses
carte blanche by snap-drying then rapidly dumping
instabrown dry paperwisps; terraforming the sky
to the same dusty brown as the droughtbaked dirt
                                                                                          it mirrors


BONUS POEM: April 24, 2018

A place Mum & I had to visit. & somewhere I think I’d love to live.

2019 EDIT: minor tweaks to improve flow, rejambed enjambment, & various images given extra bite. All in all, at least a 50% better poem than previous incarnation.


sitting on the Doc’s step

after driftwalking
half in the world
the rest in my own head ;
limbo rambling in
artfully framed narrative ;
& the much messier
more inconveniently laid
out reality ; I sit on
his fake slate step —
wanting ; wishing ; hoping
to someday leave
such a through
looking-glass legacy
for other daytrip

24b doc martin's house.jpg

Day 04 – poem about research


As the poem explains, I was working on a different piece when I was interrupted (many times) by beloved niece. Since I didn’t have time to complete the previous composition, a hasty last-minute decision was made to salvage some of the wasted time into this … er, sparkling effort you see before you.

millennials on the interwebs

just spent over 35
minutes on a back &
forth text argument
with my niece find
her somewhat wonky
feet learning how
to attribute sources
in academic writing
(yes i know, zzzzzzzz)
when i should have
been finishing today’s
poem of perfection
& utmost genius

spent too much time
trying to teach her
how to fish on the net
for more than just cute
kittens & youtube vids
of people falling off things

ergo: a condensed
summation of the encounter

If i use a quote from a
lecture how do i
reference it do you


It doent explain shit..

Type: how do I reference
a quote from a lecture
Harvard (that’s what I did)

None of them are
answeeing my question..
doesnt matte

Don’t get huffy with
me !!!

I dont even know who
the bloddy lecturer is
because  the lectures
written and it doesnt say
anywhete im looking
through everything!



It wasn’t a matter of
Google it was a matter of
working how who the
author was

Well why the fack you
even asking me then! I
don’t know who your
lecturer is 😝

I know but at first i didnt
know if the lecturer was
the author or if i had to
reference where they get
their info from..

Not what you asked me

The more specific your
question, the more
accurate the answer is
likely to be 😂😂😂

Btw you’re welcome 😜

Solve it for yourself next
time lazy pants x

the radio silence
between my last
4 answers implies
there might not be
a next time for this
grumpy uncle