Day 5 – underground haiku + Bottom-of-the-Sack St

Read a (mostly mediocre) haiku collection today. Since I really enjoyed the reverse poem creation from a couple of days ago, I applied that technique on several haiku in the collection that kind of felt resonant to my themes. I wasn’t precious about the supposed 5-7-5 structure (some of my regular haiku writing friends say if you’re counting syllables you’re not writing haiku) … all I was interested in was generating content not “pure haiku”. I’ve posted 2 of the 4 verses.


beneath the white mist
an endless sigh of worms
thunder made by earth.

arrowheads of wind
bounce wildly between caverns
rumble away to night.

Day 5 – TIL about pluralising streets

Bottom-of-the-Sack St

the plural of cul-de-sac 
is culs-de-sac

a bit out of whack
& perhaps off track 

none the less 
that  (i thought) 

[prematurely perhaps]
ended that

but in the spirit of adequate research
i undertook a swift google search 

& let me say my mind did lurch
when i promptly also learnt 

the plural of cul-de-sac 
is also cul-de-sacs

mind blown to the max
so what’s lies & what facts?

i’m stressed & cannot relax 
till i know the correct syntax

— inventors of english 
you’re all maniacs 

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