Day 3 – dirge + scary sea dogs

One of the NaPoWriMo sites Day 3 prompts was to take a short poem and rewrite it in opposites. Which I did. Then extended it a bit to make it work better for my purposes.


Excerpt from dirge

must i always & ever slouch 
with shuffle-steps & off-key heart
back into the never-quite night

it matters not how ardently i avouch
how much i love the light
the rising path i can never again start

Poetic Factoid #03 — scary sea dogs

as a species 
our fear of sharks
biting us from below
as we lounge in their swim rooms
is nearly universal

despite this 
our galeophobia 
is irrational

given it’s 10 times more 
probable for a New Yorker 
to be bitten by another person
than anyone in the world
by a shark

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