08 – Not your friend. (projected climate change impacts in a 4°C world)

not your friend.
(projected climate change impacts in a 4°C world)

global warming is not neat.
global warming’s effects will not 
be shared out equally.
global warming will not be equitably 
distributed around the globe
like a benevolent office Santa 
giving cheap gifts to the staff’s kids.
global warming is not your friend.

global warming does not “get” averages.
a 4 degree warmer world
does not mean everywhere 
just gets 4 degrees hotter.
some places may increase by
6, 8, even 10 degrees Celsius.

yep that’s right in this whizz
-bang new high-octane
(so not your friend)
global warming induced

climate dystopian hot mess
we’re wilfully ushering in
the coolest months of the future
will most likely be warmer
than the warmest months 
of twenty years ago

i’ll say that again but softer
in case you were sleeping
& so those at the back can hear.

the winters of the future
will be warmer
than the summers 
of twenty years ago

Global warming.
Not your friend.

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