Day 02 – lessons from Constellations 

My housemate & I saw the play Constellations tonight. It was his choice because as the program states: Payne’s script presents a series of vignettes centring on two characters across various parallel universes — the same setting & conversation, but different outcomes each time. This unconventional love story set in the quantum multiverse has us asking: What if there are infinite versions of you & I?  And what if there are multiple universes pulling our lives in a myriad of different directions? — & he has been toying with similar themes in a play he said he wants to call the final last night of our lives. (I think it’s a great title & might even pinch it if he doesn’t produce something soon. Fair warning given!)

Tonight’s play was interesting without being awe-inspiring. But given it explored themes of love in occasionally unusual ways, there was some useful material that had me both thinking during the play & on the drive home. With that in mind here’s a pome-in-progress; structural inspired by the play — ie, in vignette form & using rhythm, repetition & some images from the play.

lessons from Constellations 
(vignettes about love)

love is knife edge sharp
love is knife edge hard
love is a knife
i am knifed
Et tu

the dangerous act
of loving someone 
leaves you alone
with your fragility 

perhaps even frail, guilty
for there is always 
one other who comes 
between us & our egos

we remain perpetually 
lost among the great 
mechanical quantumness 
of love forevers

we blithely step through
those ever sliding doors 
some into happy afters
some into miseries unending
some into sunlight
some into death
supernova bright 

we still try

night ships
titanic dinghies
missing their chance
thieving time
as they crash 
into everything 
but the ice

always peeking 
doors of death 
despite the possible multiplicities
& symmetry of circles 

there is no formula for love 
all we have are 
our imperfect hearts
& fireflies brief lives

Day 24 – Inspired by Last Week Tonight

Today entry is a bit of a laugh.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has twice made fun of New York News Channel, WCBS 2 & their somewhat, um, quirky, is perhaps the nicest way to put, teasers; the first was in November last year & again this week (I just saw it today).

They’re almost too weird to believe (though I have linked them, so you can watch for yourself). So this is a Title Poem Game based on these headlines.

WCBS2 News @ 11

if, in the last hour of the day, you find yourself wanting
answers to questions your regular news cannot provide.
never fear — the team at WCBS2 have got your back
we are not your typical news service

we go — inside a dog’s mind
& rate afterlife tourist traps — ghost rest stops

we’ll help you
— shock yourself happy
— freeze yourself fabulous
— shaming your name

& reveal the heartbreaking
— secret lives of suburban wives
(& how to cope when the supermarket’s
run out of on-special peanut butter)

mirrored pain — we finally address that fear of your reflection
the vampire facial — obviously last night’s program is not an issue for you

cover all the big health trends
— younger hands
— younger eyes
— women: shaving face
— scalp botox
— the man flu: the truth (hey it really is worse for men)
— viagra for kids

get our heads around all that fandangled
new, teckermonology
— the digital breakup
— digital amnesia
— digital anxiety
— digital dentistry
— text walking
— barcode bandits
— the atm panic button

now, we don’t want to scare you
but have you considered
— dog danger (if you got in their mind with us
a few weeks ago, you should be okay)

— keyless danger
— danger underground
— virtual kidnapping
— high heel self defence
— dry drowning
— water overdose

wanna know what’s inside something
we got it (un)covered
— what’s in the water
— what’s in your wine
— what’s in the box
(no, we’re not running out of ideas:
the contents of boxes are big news)

we’ll incite a bit of pogonophobia
(which ironically has nothing to do with bouncy sticks
are beards bad?

but sometimes are just
lazy — sick of food
poignant — summer sadness
alliterative — spiked spices


What In God’s Name Are They Covering On WCBS News At 11?

What In God’s Name Is Still Happening On WCBS2 News At 11