Day 24 – Inspired by Last Week Tonight

Today entry is a bit of a laugh.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has twice made fun of New York News Channel, WCBS 2 & their somewhat, um, quirky, is perhaps the nicest way to put, teasers; the first was in November last year & again this week (I just saw it today).

They’re almost too weird to believe (though I have linked them, so you can watch for yourself). So this is a Title Poem Game based on these headlines.

WCBS2 News @ 11

if, in the last hour of the day, you find yourself wanting
answers to questions your regular news cannot provide.
never fear — the team at WCBS2 have got your back
we are not your typical news service

we go — inside a dog’s mind
& rate afterlife tourist traps — ghost rest stops

we’ll help you
— shock yourself happy
— freeze yourself fabulous
— shaming your name

& reveal the heartbreaking
— secret lives of suburban wives
(& how to cope when the supermarket’s
run out of on-special peanut butter)

mirrored pain — we finally address that fear of your reflection
the vampire facial — obviously last night’s program is not an issue for you

cover all the big health trends
— younger hands
— younger eyes
— women: shaving face
— scalp botox
— the man flu: the truth (hey it really is worse for men)
— viagra for kids

get our heads around all that fandangled
new, teckermonology
— the digital breakup
— digital amnesia
— digital anxiety
— digital dentistry
— text walking
— barcode bandits
— the atm panic button

now, we don’t want to scare you
but have you considered
— dog danger (if you got in their mind with us
a few weeks ago, you should be okay)

— keyless danger
— danger underground
— virtual kidnapping
— high heel self defence
— dry drowning
— water overdose

wanna know what’s inside something
we got it (un)covered
— what’s in the water
— what’s in your wine
— what’s in the box
(no, we’re not running out of ideas:
the contents of boxes are big news)

we’ll incite a bit of pogonophobia
(which ironically has nothing to do with bouncy sticks
are beards bad?

but sometimes are just
lazy — sick of food
poignant — summer sadness
alliterative — spiked spices


What In God’s Name Are They Covering On WCBS News At 11?

What In God’s Name Is Still Happening On WCBS2 News At 11

April 16 – Day Sixteen: one of the games i want to play (finally had time)

For those playing at home, here is the first of the games I was hoping to get to for NaPoWriMo — both for me & for you. It’s been exhausting … but a blast!

First.  I’m not telling you what inspired these set of poems. That’s the first part of the game. I’d like folks to comment below when they think they have worked out what I’ve done. Heehee. The first person to correctly comment will receive a special prize — AS PART OF NaPoWriMo.  I’m excited anyways.  NB there are technically three parts to what I’ve done, but I’ll not be too picky. Bonus points, however, if all three are correctly answered.

Second. The poem which has the most comments in support of it, will be used to generate the final image for today’s post.  (& sure this could backfire & no one comments, but meh, you gotta try these things out! But I hope people do vote, cos I have such a cool idea for the image …)

Happy guessing … 🙂


part i

summer of secrets
april witch, silver wattle
the blood of flowers
i’m a believer
i, my beautiful friend
i the divine, the virgin
shall we dance?


the last summer (of you & me)
you or someone like you
a blind man can see how much
i love you the city of falling
angels, the bay of angels
the indigo sky, the moon
in the water, swim the moon, a web
of dreams slow love, a distant land
the landscape of love
the scared art
of stealing how
to become an angel

exodus, exodus
not the end of the world


tin toys
silences long gone
wise children
burning bright

the gift of speed

leading the cheers
strange days
a chance acquaintance
the facts speak for themselves


black mulberries  jacaranda blue
the stolen child  where i was from
fires in the dark  the sealed letter
lambs of god  the perfect sinner
small acts of kindness  the madness
of love  burning bright  animal instincts
from here to paternity


tales of burning love
the secrets of a fire king
the smoke jumper
the little book
the broken world
the lake of dreams
the girl who would speak for the dead
the rules of attraction
a good & happy child


cold mountain  dragon
dancing  the clouds
beneath the sun
air kisses  standing
in the rainbow
a million little pieces
flying the coop


a sweet obscurity  behind the silence
the pure weight of the heart
tasting salt  where you find it
the flaw of love  the summer i dared
i wish someone were waiting for me somewhere


barefoot the transit
of venus snow
mountain passage
and the mountains
echoed the falling

stargazer stargazing
a thousand
splendid suns

the absence
of night dreams
of sleep dancing
on thorns




the broken book
the colony of unrequited
dreams requiem


sweet miseries: the history of love
small crimes in an age of abundance
up in the air: in the company of angels

the moon under her feet: the storyteller
the vintner’s luck: this charming man
the other side of the story: measuring the world



the new dark age  the debt of pleasure
i know this much is true  the hour i first believed
a dream come true  if the moon smiled

imaginary friends
the seduction of silence
the given day  feast of all souls

girls night out  fresh girls  gifted  lost
under the volcano
the hope


oh pure and radiant heart
the speech of angels
cage of stars  oxygen
evening  end of the night girl
this side of brightness
the last town on earth
the deep end of the ocean
twelve times blessed
lost nation
chronicler of the winds
the colour of water
afloat  south of the river
a dry spell  simply heaven
farewell princess
so long see you tomorrow
child against gravity
no ordinary love story
a god for the killing

promise not to tell
promise not to tell



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