Day 7 – The Tartatus List + a lollipop lesson

Today’s prompt was to write a poem that plays with the idea of a list. The example poem was a list that isn’t – it never gets beyond the first entry. I somehow mangled this with a challenge from a couple of days earlier write a poem in which laughter comes at what might otherwise seem an inappropriate moment – or one that the poem invites the reader to think of as inappropriate.

Just for today (given I don’t think it fits tonally with the other poems I’ve written) I’m including the whole thing.


The Tartatus List

trying to prepare 
for my assault on Hades
torches to scare away 
   the damned darkness ;
my life-restoring lute ; 
an obol for the ferryman ;
three bones for the guard dog
   in case Herakles’ trick
   doesn’t work a second time

— but it’s impossible 
                                  to focus
given all i hear 
                       is my mother’s 
carping on at me to 
          my cape cos
she’s certain            it will be
COLD!  down.  there…
   &  she knows   what
i’m like … when the

Day 7 – TIL something strange about a lollipop

sweet stuck on a stick

Chupa Chups are Spanish
(the name means something 
close to Sucky Sucks
& were designed so they didn’t 
melt in Iberian summer heat. 
They originally cost 
a single peseta each. 

But none of these
are the poetic factoid
that blew me away.
Their logo of brand 
name inside brightly 
coloured daisy
was designed by
— Salvador freaking Dalí 

Aside: he also once sent Harpo 
Marx a supremely surreal Xmas gift 
— a harp with barbed-wire strings

(Hour 11) 8.30-9.30am — #55 “Snakes alive”

Five is my lucky number, so I was very pleased when this number came out of the hat. So much so I’ve got two poems up for your delectation. I wish I had a chance to give the first one, one more verse, but oh well.



snakes alive
give us a bunch
it’s all the fives
some famous
some jackson

& one renault
no prizes
for picking
the odd one

clearly the Renault 5
French supermini
aka Super 5
aka Supercinq
aka Le Car

true to its number
they built nearly
5.5 million of em
take that Timmy
& Tito too



snakes alive!
the sort of
my mother
spouts at the footy
to vent her
with how
the game
is proceeding
& the players

along with other
almost obsolete
idioms as:—
— alack & alas!
— boomshanka!
— ay, ay, chihuahua!

sometimes it seems
as if she wants to be a pirate
with her:— cor blimey!’s
— blooming heck!’s
— shiver me timber!ing
— gee whillikers!
— suffering suckatash!
& — gadzooks!

a vendetta
against god’s creatures:—
— loveaduck!
— leapin’ lizards!
— jiminy crickets!
— holy mackerel!
— ye gods & little fishes!

other times she berates
people not even present:—
— jumping Jehoshaphat!
— Jiminy Cricket!
— my giddy aunt!
— blimey charlie!

& then there’s the ones
that simply make no sense:—
— och aye the noo!
— pish posh migosh!
& — thunderations above!

& she wonders
why i’ve taken up


#10. Another low number. Though I think I’m due a short poem soon.

Personifying Beauty – NOT a post about one of my pieces of poetry, but about poetry nonetheless …

Was given a card today by a wonderful woman who has been personifying beauty for me my whole life – & while she sometimes strikes out when it comes to hideously chosen shirts I am too unmotivated to shop for myself or grace under pressure when it comes to her beloved Crows … for the majority of the time she is the most generous warm loving supportive overprotective gloriously kooky woman I know … 

So. Here’s the card & the piece of poetry which I think would tingleamaze most of us, if it were possible …


I only wish
you could see
what I see
when I look at you

Love n light