Day 2 – O onstage + Yoda Einstein

My housemate & I attended Vintage Vibes tonight. It was a somewhat serendipitous choice because we got to see the legend up close & steaming … & was relevant to songs of under earth. Despite the chilly air, Dave Le’aupepe was still able to generate some much needed mythic heat. 

Funfact Day 2 – is based on the idea that Yoda was partly modelled on a photo of Albert Einstein. My Poetic Factoid revolves round the device of me Yodafiying three Einstein quotes.


Excerpt from O onstage in 2023

he is sex : uncurling : on stage : foreplaying : with all of us : on & off the beat : always chanting about : always ranting about : love

Poetic Factoid #02 — Yoda Einstein

to the person who has the answers, don’t listen; 
who has the questions, to that person, listen

slowed down waves of sound & light we are
a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos

souls dressed up in garments biochemical & sacred, we are
instruments through which our souls their music play, our bodies are

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