Day 18 — promises unkept

Pretty self-explanatory.


all the things 
we said we’d do

long slow trips round
oz’s wide open roads 

revisit our favourite corners
of hobbit-country : discover new ones

christmas in talinn
a cabin under the aurora

form our own theatre 
company crisscross our plays 

round the country
take on : the world 

tell more of our stories
to each other

perhaps possibly perchance
find peace

but i didn’t even get to see : the fireflies 
down the bottom of your back yard 

Day 9 – this is for you David Jones, word

If only we were able to make all our decisions based on hindsight …



i can change
i can change
i can change

the desperate lover’s litany
when they finally

& all the things
they’ve been

but haven’t
have built up
to the point of

too late
this really is
the end

we probably can
even if it’s usually
years too late