Day 24 — the overview effect

Been wanting to write this poem (or a version of it) ever since hearing the term. Thankfully, once I started, it was surprisingly easy. Images taken from a range of astronauts who have spoken on the subject. It’s not the poem I thought I was going to write so I might have another crack at it one day.


the overview effect

when looked at 
with an astronaut’s eye 
the earth is not so very big

from a mere 250 miles up
exactly the distance 
between Athens to Istanbul

the sky that once went on forever
is actually as thin as 
a piece of paper

nature is everything 
clouds, mountains, forests
deserts, oceans, so much ocean

rivers like necklaces of pearls
& she glows day, night, sunrise, 
sunset, glowing in every colour

not all of man’s might can be seen
but too much can — erosion, degradation,
wounds, sprawling cities, oil slicks, scars

she disregards borders
for the foolish political fictions
she renders conflict ridiculous

not that the blue marble is big
she’s frighteningly mind-bogglingly
small      so  so  so  very small against 

the   ongoing     vast      silent       emptiness        of         space 

Day 20 – poem about emotional maturity


Two thirds of the way through NaPoWriMo 2017 … & a light-hearted poem on a day when I just wanted to read & relax.


people accuse
me of being

patently untrue
clearly they have
not observed

the blasé way
i now fingernail
a stray dog hair

up the slippery
side of my mug
after its quick

coffee dip &
continue sipping

Day 9 – this is for you David Jones, word

If only we were able to make all our decisions based on hindsight …



i can change
i can change
i can change

the desperate lover’s litany
when they finally

& all the things
they’ve been

but haven’t
have built up
to the point of

too late
this really is
the end

we probably can
even if it’s usually
years too late



April 7 – Day Seven: circle work

One of the nicest things about NaPoWriMo, apart from maintaining the discipline required to craft an entirely new poem every day (as opposed to just tinker about with old ones, as is sometimes a pleasant distraction) is the fact that slowly but surely, every day, I get a couple of new people subscribing to this site, or people from all over the world who I’ve never met, liking poems I’ve written.

Under the tab <Stats>, there is a wonderful map which shows the countries of the world where people live who have viewed these pages.  (Admittedly it’s a fraction less than 200 views, but that’s 200 more than a week ago, so I’m pretty chuffed!)  Thanks to the fact I have hits from Canada, the US & Australia I have been viewed from countries which together occupy around a third of the world’s land mass!  If only I get Russia onboard, I’d be halfway to global domination.  (Spain & Colombia help too!)

But I am digressing a little again (unusual).  The plus side to people viewing my work, is I’m seeing wonderful work by other poets, writers, bloggers & artists.  Today’s poem is inspired by the artwork of one of those folks who’s like several of my contributions.  

M. Funk is an artist / photographer who works in France & Germany.  I followed their link to discover a site full of gorgeous photographs.  Of particular beauty & interest to me were 4 images on a page called Le Carrousel.  

I immediately had an idea for a poem but didn’t start writing it till today, when I received permission to use the image as a launch pad for a poetic response.  I’m curious to know whether my interpretation reflects their intention behind the photos.  And any other readers thoughts/impressions as well… 


vicious circle

warm lit with fairy lights, everywhere mirrored
gilt with gold
gaudy with glossy colour
the stuff of childhood dreams
wild magic circles
callously caging a fantastical menagerie
raging horses, zebras, unicorns,
griffins, dragons, giraffes,
cherubs, nymphs, mermaids, dolphins
& more …

yet look closer

every creature caught on edge
seconds before stampede breaks out
nostrils flared, heads raised
eternal rigor mortis
bit back, mouth grimacing
perpetual rictus on frozen faces
glass eyes of horror
knowing they’ll be forever

… round & round & round …
… & round & round & round …
… & round & round & round …





Image: M. Funk


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