Day 29 — a light sleep

Today’s poem was quick & easy to write (huzzah!). I’ve had this image saved for weeks. I’ve loved it & known I wanted to use it. About a week ago the title came to me; then the basic content/narrative context/mood/emotion I wanted to explore. The rest, as they say …


light : at the end of the tunnel 

the light : at the end of the tunnel : has tainted me : taunted me : haunted me : since I first saw it : with her : since I last saw : her : drifting into dust : in striking sunshine : dissolving into darkness : would : I could walk : that path again : have those few seconds ago : take ten more steps : five even : would that I could : have been : would that I was : a better man : a stronger man : the world : would look : so much brighter 


Day 29 — TIL i should be napping more

Nap \Nap\, n. A short sleep; a doze; a siesta.

A nap is a short period of sleep 
usually occuring during the day.
Already I’m listening …

Naps can deliver a number of benefits
Brief naps can be restorative & reduce fatigue. 
They may counteract daytime drowsiness.
These both seem self evident, but fair enough

Naps can prevent/improve treatment 
of heart, lung, blood & sleep disorders.
Good-oh. Will take all these

A short daytime snooze may also boost 
workplace performance.
Not as fussed about this but ok

Athletes may experience improved 
endurance, reaction times, & cognitive performance.
Again not overly fussed

Other health benefits
One study found 
napping 1 or 2 times a week 
was associated with a lower risk 
of cardiovascular problems, 
(heart attack, stroke, heart disease).
Tick tick & tick

Naps may be associated 
with a lowered risk of a 
rupture of aneurysms.
Things stopping things exploding
in my brain are always welcomed

Tips to Take the Best Nap 
Now we’re talking.

How Long Should a Nap Be? 
The idea adult nap length is
20 minutes but no longer than 30. 
20 minutes’ light sleep boosts
alertness without entering deep
sleep & potential grogginess/

Look to be honest, I think 
I’m gonna take it from here. 
It’s all good. No need to keep 
preaching — we’re singing 
from the same hymn book & what you haven’t 
told me, I think I’ll figure out myself. Infactim 
feelingkinda sleepynowimight\\justgolie
………………………………..………..…………………….. o
……………………………..…………………………………..  w

Day 28 – reducing plagiarism

By this stage of proceedings there are lots of random lines, fragments of poems, copies of poems I’ve read over the past month, research notes, etc. After working on a couple of technically challenging poems that weren’t quite working & feeling decidedly uninspired after several hours successlessness; I decided just to play a game & redact a poem Id read a couple of weeks ago which had a few interesting lines/images, reducing it down to max of three words per line (per original line), often much less than that. Then subbing words from line 2 down into line 8 & vice versa, then occasionally importing whole new words where it seemed useful, then jiggling lines up or down to help them make a bit more sense. The poem is not quite there & feels a little off but I quite like it even if I’m no 100 per cent what it’s saying in every moment. More work post-NaPoWriMo …



wing-covered madness
soul halfdrunk
black liquor lures
delirium, hands sound
victory without valour
terrible-eyed sun
won’t allow respite
beseeched, prayer-pestered
manything torn away 
suffering like rocks
the coming storm
hours of prison
cool hands, sweet
light distant shadows
alien phosphorescent uproar 
comfortless last words


Day 28 — TIL goldfish are more musically inclined than me

On Thinking It Out, Let’s Get Loud

goldfish can distinguish 
the music of one 
composer from another 
ooh, let’s get it on

just thinking out loud
perhaps they should use them 
to see if Ed Sheeren really
did rip off Marvin Gaye

Day 27 — euphoria + % H2O

Today was back-the-front because the Poetic Factoid pome came first, which then gave me time to stop & think what I should write for the Big O sequence. It was an easy choice. Somewhere along the way, I started (perhaps subconsciously) pairing the two thematically or otherwise; now it’s become intentional.



it should ache / hurt more / than it does / this wrenching / these many hands / hot hands / wet slippery hands / angry hands / clawing / scratching / screeching / hooting / as they pull me / a / part / like a cloud / i can / only / feel one thing / the buzz / of a billion bees / as my soul / is systemically / set free / as the notes i was / float high / & begin / piece/meal / the long journey / back down below / down / that cold clay / path / i know backwards / but have not / trod / in many years / at last / now / a home / coming / a / re/union / with / she / who was lost / to me / twice before / but soon / no more


Day 27 — TIL a bit about biology

% H2O

i’ve long known
the human body 
is largely water
(60% on average)
however TIL 
the percentage
changes slightly 
with age, sex, & hydration 
ranging from 45 to 75%

i’d like to posit it
also varies depending
on the time of night
because at 3am
nearing zero
outside then i feel 
close to 98-99% aqua
before the suddenly 
urgent dunnydash 
— yet strangely 
only about 12 or 13%
upon my safe if 
shivering return
to 4-poster perfection 

some folks argue
sex with your true 
love is about 
as wonderful 
a sensation this 
gourd offers 
but the zen of empty
bladder after holding on
too long surely comes 

Day 13 – Leaf Cycle

Day two of my residency went well. One more person than last week, but none of them stayed the whole three hours — which was fine by me … my brief is to write poetry while there & to interact with library patrons & to impart (hopefully) some slight dose of poeticking wisdom whenever possible. (I’m keeping notes on each session & my plan is at the end of the month to post something which looks back over all 4 sessions with a quasi-critical eye.)

But the ‘me’ time meant I could play with lots of ideas. I chose about twenty books in under five minutes just grabbing things off shelves that ‘spoke’ to me (apologies to the librarians who had to put them all back the end of the day). Then played a bunch of games based on initially, over half the covers; but eventually my interest whittled down to three or four I really liked. I have a number of pomes either in first draft or partial draft stage at least a couple of which will be fleshed out further for my performance in week 4.

So I had a solid selection to choose from today is what I’m saying. This is the one I chose:

woods: lovely, dark & deep

deep in the forest
someone has left
a circle of leaves
on the path — 55

leaves large & small
in a perfect circle
carved from silver
gems on black cloth

i don’t know how long
they’ve been like this
wind has not disturbed
them — they remain

like the promise
of a child

leaf circle CROP

NOTE: image is a detail of The Promise of the Child (yes that is where the last lines came from heehee 🙂 very handy it was cos I didn’t know how to end it) by Tom Toner

NOTE 2: I also spoke to Musician in Residence, John Denley (it really is a very cool library) & he’s writing three songs as part of his time there … so next week, myself & any interested participants might find themselves contributing lyric ideas to John 🙂 Cross-Pollination, yeah baby!

Day 11 – In the forest

Not  a poetry book today. I was taken by the cover of A. S. Byatt’s Little Black Book of Stories which I am reading on & off as the mood takes me. It took me today & I went, hmmm…

the trees delusion

a red carpet of leaves
leads into the forest
bright path into
darkness — above
my head either mist
or smoke or both

all those roads begun
but never completed
years of wandering
lost while everyone else
is getting where they
think they want to go

one day my less travelled
will pay off … one day

forest CROP

NOTE: today’s cover work of art is Forest Palace, Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1918)