Day 23 – poem about idols

shakespeare_by_lastfirstkiss CROP

Unexpectedly found myself grapepicking for a few hours yesterday. Oddly, it’s not as much fun as I remember it (& I don’t remember it being any fun at all). All of which point to the fact that I was bone-tired & sore when I got home last night, & although the pome had been written, WordPress was as slow & creaky as I was, & so when midnight ticked over I thought, stuff it, I’ll just have a wee nap & post it early in the am (when I invariably wake up & wonder why I’m not sleeping). This did not happen. I slept very well.

Then most of today was spent writing & researching, until I’m now under the pump to get two NaPoWriMo posts up before midnight. Oh irony, your name is Alanis.


everyone thinks
they know you
despite how little
anyone does
just make it up
facts don’t matter
only selling
outrageous lies
books to fuel
the author’s

still no idea
what you’ve
done to me
your name
in my skin
tattooed it
above my heart
the shadow
i am always

(Hour 14) 11.30am-12.30pm — #32 “Buckle your shoe”

Two fairytale-esque pieces that I was working on simultaneously & ran out of time on each. The Mother Goose mash-up replaces the traditional end of lines from the nursery rhyme, with the relevant bingo call. The plot, such that it is, kinda dictated itself based on the pre-exisiting rhymes.


There was a young gal covered in tattoos
Who only knew how to buckle her shoes
—–—–But would Cinderella
—–—–Have landed her fella
If she wore more than ink … & her Jimmy Choo’s


A Dark Mother Goose Bingo Mashup

One, two,
—–all you can do is buckle your shoe;

Three, four,
—–wait for that knock at the door;

Five, six,
—–when silent screen hero Tom Mix;

Seven, eight,
—–rides up to the garden gate:

Nine, ten,
—–finally you’ll be free of Dave’s Den;

Eleven, twelve,
—–one dozen years here you’ve dwelled

Thirteen, fourteen,
—–since Valentine’s Day 2003;

Fifteen, sixteen,
—–sweet sixteen never been seen

Seventeen, eighteen,
—–coming of age, living in a cage

Nineteen, twenty,
—–one score to settle, none too gently


#26. Hmmm, could be tricky…
PS now have 3 out 5 for my first possible BINGO of the day.