(Hour 14) 11.30am-12.30pm — #32 “Buckle your shoe”

Two fairytale-esque pieces that I was working on simultaneously & ran out of time on each. The Mother Goose mash-up replaces the traditional end of lines from the nursery rhyme, with the relevant bingo call. The plot, such that it is, kinda dictated itself based on the pre-exisiting rhymes.


There was a young gal covered in tattoos
Who only knew how to buckle her shoes
—–—–But would Cinderella
—–—–Have landed her fella
If she wore more than ink … & her Jimmy Choo’s


A Dark Mother Goose Bingo Mashup

One, two,
—–all you can do is buckle your shoe;

Three, four,
—–wait for that knock at the door;

Five, six,
—–when silent screen hero Tom Mix;

Seven, eight,
—–rides up to the garden gate:

Nine, ten,
—–finally you’ll be free of Dave’s Den;

Eleven, twelve,
—–one dozen years here you’ve dwelled

Thirteen, fourteen,
—–since Valentine’s Day 2003;

Fifteen, sixteen,
—–sweet sixteen never been seen

Seventeen, eighteen,
—–coming of age, living in a cage

Nineteen, twenty,
—–one score to settle, none too gently


#26. Hmmm, could be tricky…
PS now have 3 out 5 for my first possible BINGO of the day.

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