Day 18 – silly Sunday, but a day early

18. Rubysickly

Last week Silly Sunday was a day late, this week a day early. Next week will be the correct day I promise.

The reason I’m posting silly Sunday today is that the prompt for #TheDirtyThirty2020 (which I’m also doing this year, why, not sure, seemed an okay idea once upon a time) was limerick. For which I wrote two, both Coronavirus related. So in the efforts of saving time, energy, & getting back into bed sooner, I’m doubling up by posting here too. Technically since I wrote two limericks I’m covered anyway, but enough justification.

Also, what’s the record number of naps taken in one day? Asking for a friend.


There once was a ship Ruby Princess
Whose arrival caused much distress
…..for most had a virus
…..but Dutton was desirous
At home they all should convalesce

There once was much talk of a curve
how now it’s flat we needn’t observe
…..cos we’re tired of inside
…..even if others must die
Which you gotta admit takes some kinda nerve