Day 04 – not all love poems are romantic in nature

Written early enough but owing to the exhaustion brought about by the poem’s subject matter from the day before followed. by two tiring shifts the following day meant it was unable to to posted before the allotted hour due to the poet falling asleep almost immediately upon arrival home.

moving love
(for Sarah)

everyone dreads
that phone call 
from a friend
or loved one
who wants to know
if you’re free on Sunday
(just for a couple of hours)

so when someone 
actually helps you:
pack carry load 
bags boxes crates 
ungainly ugly furniture
tatty bric-a-brac 
& misc junk that 
honestly should’ve been 
ditched decades ago

but most of all:
wait patiently while 
poor logistical decisions 
regarding the stowage 
in the trailer are trialled
fine tuned & discarded 
before again gently 
suggesting the idea 
they first shared 
15 minutes earlier 
& which works 
— perfectly —

perhaps makes it 
the most moving love of all 

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