Day 03 – The title is Sunday Funday 

In my Glo/NaPoWriMo world, Sundays are generally reserved for some poetry fun & games … still it feels a little weird to be playing games already, only three days in. None-the-less, rules be rules. Today’s poem was pretty easy because I’ve been listening to him a lot lately — & love is pretty much all he writes about. However, I also set myself some additional rules with the structure itself which complicated things somewhat. 

Prize for the first person who can guess who & what I’ve done (except you Mike 🤣🤣🤣).

for the love of Murray 1 

let you go no more 

you pick me up
you give me something
because of you
fly with you
with only you
thought i was

fall your way

give me your love

take me down
bail me out
hold me steady

found my place
my time

if we never dance again
we’ll be the fire

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