Day 14 – drought

A topic of key concern for the driest continent on earth.


Drought has been the dominant historical cause of hunger, starvation, and consequent death.

Paddy Morrow, Body Count

i. earth
in our new 2-4 degree*
warmer nearly-now world
droughts will range further
be more intense 
be more frequent
start sooner  end later
food supplies will be challenged
crops will fail
water will become a reason
we wage war

ii. other
the breeding seasons of 
pesky infectious diseases 
seeking to use us 
as habitat 
will lengthen 
because both bugs 
& bacteria 
breed faster 
in heat


Day 04 – the flat curve round the corner

04 The falling Curve

Was intending to write a poem based on exercise from yesterday’s Na/GloPoWriMo site. However, I spent so long collecting words (part of the task) that I had no time left to actually write the thing. So I’ll try & get to that tomorrow using the words gathered today.

So this then is a quick stopgap, started only an hour ago, based on one of the dozen or so ideas I’ve got stockpiled to work on this month. As such, it’s a bit rushed, but it’s okay. As I always say, Na/GloPoWriMo is not about crafting perfect poems but trying new things, having poems to work on post April; & occasionally if you’re lucky catching a lightning bolt or two in a bottle along the way.



the challenge with the whole lockdown
don’t leave the house, isolate yourself
curve-squashing philosophy is if it works
all the instant expert naysayers will neigh
see it wasn’t as bad as your henny penny
sky’s falling economy-killing hysteria predicted
— which although technically frustrating
is surely not as grave as the alternative,

despite this, some debate whether the cost
of flattening is really the lesser of the evils
— which in a way overlooks an essential issue
the fact that we as a species are living
way above our credit level & treating earth
as a giant hypermarket where we can grab
anything we want without needing to pay
— well, debts are starting to be called in.

Day 03 – the falling of the sky

factory farm

Slowly working up steam. About Defcon 3 I’d say. Alert but not alarmed. 

This doesn’t quite say what I was intending to say (or at least, not in the way I was trying to say it) when I started the poem, but it will have to do as midnight is approaching.


not so little chickens

while the wet markets of Wuhan & elsewhere might be
(rightly) copping criticism as hotbeds for terrifying new
viral species-hoppers even scarier prospects face every
one of us at much closer distances to hearth & home

for our modern factory chicken facilities are now far closer
to laboratories than farms where the paltry poultry are more
like drug-addled addicts than the cutesy feathered friends
we envisage scratching round in green country gardens for grubs

today owing to genetic streamlining, stress, & overcrowding
vaccines, sulfa drugs & antibiotics are routinely added
to feed to combat the toxic bloodbath of immunodeficiencies
cancerous tumours, pus, faecal matter, & bacterial contamination

it is from one of these noble agribusinesses many virologists believe
the next great pathogen will emerge to indiscriminately kill
                                                                                                                  both fowl & man

~ interlude ~ “Eureka!” Another poem published…

Just a quick heads up to let folks know that one of my poems was published in yesterday’s Eureka Street.  Link here.

I’d like to say it’s a cleverly timed poem which combines two very hot topics in the news ATM — terrorism (internal) & climate change — so therefore well done, Mr Finger On The Pulse Of Contemporary Issues Poet Of The People …

… but the fact it’s appeared when it has, is probably just a coinkydink.

Hope you enjoy it…

(No doubt I’ll enjoy the cheque when it arrives. It may even been in double figures 🙂 )


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