Day 8 – it’s water jim, but not as you know it

A toast to one of my favourite substances. Been wanting to write a poem about this elixir for a very long time. What came out, wasn’t quite what I expected … but I kinda like it …

NB – I thought I’d uploaded this last night, but I was very tired & clearly I only saved it. Ooops. (Sarah saw it yesterday so she can verify it was written then 🙂 )


uisce beatha : water of life

drinking you is:

sword swallowing
while swinging
from a trapeze

crashing a spaceship
into the sun
to save humanity
from … something

dancing on
the volcano’s lip
as the fire below
becomes the fire
sliding inside

your baptismal juice:

has restored my life
numerous times
drowning despair
in your amber fire
before hope somehow
phoenixes out soggy
& with a sore head
but ready to go on

give me:

an eternal well
of your water
& i shall always


Whisky_by_Hankins copy