Day 24 — doing one’s bit in trying times #notallheroes

winner TRIM.jpg

A smaller more personal poem today, after the excesses of yesterday.


peak pandemic

how perfectly pleasant
to sit inside  rug on lap
book in hand  tea by side
warm as butter  slowly
melting into  hot crumpets
dog  snoring nearby

while outside  trees writhe
in the window-rattling
thunder-spreading wind
the sky grey  in all ways
& the rain hits the roof
like  a million microscopic
viruses trying to breach
my home’s   defences 

all while knowing 


life has reached peak



Note: I’m borderline embarrassed to admit (but not quite really) that I almost spent more time looking at images of cups of tea next to books by rainy windows than I did writing the poem. OMG I’ve discovered a new way (as if one was needed) to waste valuable interwebs time.

Day 17 — social isolation

17 jetty

Pretty self explanatory. Trying to play round with form & content.


the distance we’ve been given

& then almost overnight
the whole world changed
& together we faced something
we hadn’t experienced before
(or at least not for a hundred years)

we learnt a new vocabulary
we  distanced  ourself  socially
we focussed on    curve   flattening
we  realised    remembered           perhaps
just           because        we’ve       doing
      something        for          a

few                  decades                                  doesn’t

mean                                                 we

need                                     to                                         keep