Advance Warning: “Eyes up” …

A wee teaser.

In a little under four & half days time, i.e. on — Friday, 12 June 2015 at 11:00:00 PM (ACST, UTC+9:30 hours) which is 9:30:00 AM on the United States East Coast (EDT, UTC-4 hours) I will be starting the 24 hour poetry marathon (

It came about in the following fashion:

Mike Hopkins, well-known local SA sadist (& masochist — he runs marathons for real; like, non-on-the-couch ones) shared a link on Facebook with a couple of his cohorts who seem to think writing a poem a day for a month is something one does for pleasure. (NaPoWriMo)

MH: You game for this?

TK: good god, MH…we really do like to make poetry either a blood sport or an endurance event….why can’t we all just sip tea and scratch out the occasional, romantic villanelle???

MH: No discipline, that’s my problem. If I haven’t got a deadline or a challenge, I just vegetate.

grj: I’m willing to give it a crack…

MH: Bloody hell g, you’re meant to say “That’s madness”, and then I say “Yeah I s’pose you’re right, maybe next year”

grj: That’s madness. But let’s see how far we get
grj: PS (I then posted a screen cap of my application)

MH: Yeah I s’pose you’re right, maybe next year but great to see that you’re committed to it. Look forward to your 24 poems

I must confess, I have a specific project in mind which I’ve been wanting to do for a while — but never made the time for it.

I think this will make the job of cranking out 24 poems in a day considerably easier. Or a total nightmare if it doesn’t work out.

Either way, this’ll be a good way to find out if the idea has any “legs!!” …