OMG Orange Dust overload

It is the season of dust

Okay since I posted this morning’s very early/late update (depending on your perspective), I have been quietly blown away. Get this.

It turns out I did the exact same task in 2020! And I had completely forgotten it. 24 poems all on the same theme. All part of the verse novel. All unread for the past two years. Granted, there were 1 or 2 other minor distractions going on during that mildly challenging year — BUT TO FORGET EVERY POEM. RIDICULOUS!!

*BTW I just read them all & am really really pleased with them. All are written in response to the official Marathon prompt given every hour. Which possibly makes them a little quirkier than the 40 odd poems written over the preceding half dozen years … but which I think all are richer for it. I’m actually pretty pleased by the whole affair … because it means 1) I already have 24 more poems in the sequence than I thought I did & 2) the process clearly works. Bring it on.

April 12 – Day Twelve: anniversary (a year, a week & a day since you moved in)

The original intention was to publish this a year & a week from the day our lives meshed. The tech glitches described in such eloquent detail in a previous ~interlude~ prevented that.  So now it is online, a year, a week & a day since that wonderful day.  You’ve changed my life in ways I didn’t believe possible.

Belated Anniversary Poem

It occurred to me yesterday, I forgot an anniversary
A big one, too. A year together. A full year. Our first.
I’m not the man who wept last Easter. I am un-entombed.

I met you on a Monday, you’d moved in by Friday.
We met on April Fools Day, which some think’s funny
but for me is no laughing matter. It suits us perfectly

& even though I’m reasonably confident you’re okay
I forgot — no doubt not realising the significance either
for me it’s important to sing to the stars I’m the best

I’ve been since you came, the world’s broken in two
even to the point of my own personal timekeeping
symbology — AD is After Dog; BC, Before Chester.

Lick you!




2014-04-13 21.47.56


Image: ChesterLickyTongue, by moi