Day 14 – from a single line, a whole poem grows

One of the lines in this poem has been floating round the journal looking all waif like & forlorn for months. Today another poetic job got struck from the NaPoWriMo to do list. Boom. (For those playing at home, there is a very nice prize to the first person who correctly identifies that original spark line.)

NB the second line of each of the three couplets are meant to be indented, but wordpress ain’t designed for poets…  NB2 wahoo! they now are (I have worked out a trick – using an em dash & turning it white 🙂 )



it’s easy to ignore gravity’s rubber
band on days like these

the cold has shaken it loose

electron energy seeped into my DNA

gazing up as dozens of leaves
sigh down around me

a pointing sun, signs the way

the breeze follows its own music

i begin to lift
into the endless bluebright sky