Day 06 – flight (& caffeine)

06 zoom

Visited a place. Disturbing and awe-inspiring in conflicting measure.


From our flying machines

On the outskirts of a calm country village
hiding in plain sight on nondescript dirt
is a testimony to an obsession writ large.
One man’s love of our avian imitation.
A huge game of aeronautical tetris;
wingspans laid across the dimensions
of his shed to determine how best
to accomodate two full size planes;
plus countless parts of engines, frames,
wings, tyres, cockpits, fuselages, noses, gun
turrets, dioramas & much other miscellania
I have no knowledge of.

And. The. Models. So many models.
Glass cabinet. After glass cabinet.
Into an infinity of dusty air.
Some in 1:72 scale. Some in 1:48 scale.
Others in scales my brain did not retain
because it had already overloaded
by this point and spent the rest of the visit
screaming over & over to my past & future selves

what have you done with your life
what have you done with your life
what have you done
                                     with your life 



BONUS POEM: April 6, 2018

A simple pome about an Italian favourite.


Espresso of Sorpresa

three mornings in a row
three separate hostesses
have been surprised
when I request

today I beat her
to the punchline
is only good
to wash

your face


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