Day 28 – poem about eggs

nest_ii_by_kasiaznana CROP

Hmmm, I wrote this yesterday (Friday, in the early post midnight hours before going to sleep) & having written it, didn’t think of it all day. Clearly I thought I’d posted it. Just as clearly coming online tonight to post today’s (Saturday) I did not. Thank gawd NaPoWriMo is nearly over for another year. 

Apropos: the good old Facebook rehashed memories thing has shown me that it’s about this time every year I write a NaPoWriMo post saying how I’m feeling sick, & true to form, have been fighting an ever-increasing sore throat all day … Poeting is hard 


& so at the end
of another weary
day flutter home
shake off shoes, feathers
fold away wings
strip down to skin
climb into my tangle
of sticks, soft fabrics
fall into fitful sleep
where if lucky i will
dream once more
of my lost eggs

Day 4 – the theme of loss continues

I wasn’t planning to write about this topic again. However, things often bubble to the top unasked — especially when you’re distracted working on other things.


we are all haunted by the presence of absence

my umbrella is too small
to keep off the storm
my suitcase too small
to hold all my sadness
when the crows come pecking
i can’t scare them off

up to my eyes in water
up to my ears in salt
wings try growing from my back
but i refuse to let them
so i am always surrounded
by the sound of falling feathers



 NB- updating on the iPhone — NOT as easy as on a desktop grrr