Day 07 — a fashionable love affair

A slight little poem about a couple of different variants of love. (Also the first poem I’m attempting to post/upload via my phone rather than desktop).


finally finished moving house yesterday
after three & a half long years

rediscovered my old yellow purple pink & blue
60s psychedelic striped skin-tight Saville Row pants

back from when legs were thin
gut didn’t exist & butt was defunct

i’d love to be able to fit
into them one more time

but even more than that
i’d die to be that man again

(Hour 22) 7.30-8.30pm — #74 “Candy Store”

Candy store 

every adult still harbours
a child who hankers after
the candy store of their youth
an old world style lolly shop

whether it was a Willy Wonka
wonderland or Harry Potter’s
Honeydukes — or just the local
deli down the cornershop

nothing tastes that good again
though the chance to timetravel
back before everything got hard
is most likely the sweetest treat


#3. Second last one. OMG