Bonus poem to wish you all a Happy 2022

girl of stars

after talking the new 
year in  in two time zones 
you belatedly go to your bed 
while i drive to the lookout
cool breezed after the hateful 
heat of the old year’s anger
lie on the oversized table
hewn from local eucalypt 
& stare  up   up    ever up

so many stars in the blistering 
sky   they cram the eye
allow myself  to float away
delighting in a dozen minor
shooting streaks  & two tears 
of light so bright they leave  scars
the tingling thrill they fibrillate 
almost equal to the glowsong
my soul sings every time i hear 
your voice  that raucous chuckle 
that wicked sassy firecracker wit
that tender  admission   of love

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