Day 14 — love in a time of corona

14 EKG-Heart

Reading An Anthology of Imagist Poetry today & Richard Adlington has several poems which are entitled “Images” … & are little snippets of love poems. So, trying to flip the idea of a love poem on its head I’ve written one to Coronavirus using Adlington’s layout & structure.


a series of small love songs to Coronavirus


you repeatedly overheat
me — a wheat bag
left too long in an oven


so nervous near you
can only cough words
— instead of speak bona fides


my throat throbs
— gulps wonder as i
gaze on your venom


utter exhaustion
— fatigue that turns itself
on & off in every cell


my chest tightens
doing the simplest tasks
— smiling, whispering your name 


every thought of you
makes my head ache
— conduit of weird electronic surges


now all smell & taste
are gone — i gobble raw
ginger like candy

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