Day 23 – swans (& folios)

23 the_swan_by_transcendelia_d4rrjqs

Again, working on a longer poem today. Knew an hour ago I wouldn’t finish in time, so started a new one. Coming to understand, NaPoWriMo is less about the poems you finish this month — and more about the poems you’ve long wanted to start and will finish next month.


Will never end

Will you forever be
the quintessential
or will your secrets
one day unfurl?
a swan ascending
from the mute stream.
so many want so much
from your cursed bones;
but so little remains
& it’s oh so easy
to fabricate tales
to suit our own
desperate desires



BONUS POEM: April 23, 2018

Unresolved & unfinished I think, but the others I wrote today don’t fit …


First Folio

all this fuss
over a book
plenty of books
have existed
& been lost
& the world
continues on

at once
a little richer
& a little poorer
for having existed
yet been lost
which is which
you must determine

23b old books.jpg

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