Day 01 – poem about growth

01 seaford

Good Lord. Is it that time of year already. I didn’t even realise til late Sunday that good ol’ NaPoWriMo had started the day before. Was I really gonna do this again. I haven’t been on Facebook much so I didn’t get any reminders from fellow poets who are attempting it this year. Are any? Luckily I’d jotted down a couple of draft pomes (I try & generate something every day & hopefully over a month, I get a couple of ideas worth developing). This was the least bad of those.

developments in irony

when we seem more interested in seeding
new subdivisions over the hills & plains
where once fruit trees turned heat
into sweetness & wheat rippled gold

where before that kangaroos & goannas
grazed — when we’d rather plant hardware
megastores & concrete commerce
cathedrals , cheek-by-bowel McMansions

in plots tarted up with wispy poetic
organic-sounding  names : This-&-That
View, HoHum Gardens or SomeOrOther’s
Farm ;  mockingly named for the agriculture

ploughed under to birth it — clearly a well
developed sense of irony plays a big part
in the selection criteria for local councilors
responsible for christening these cancers

& equally obvious we no longer wish
to produce enough food to feed ourselves



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