Marathon Man 2

A little over 12 months ago, Adelaide Poet & real life marathoner, Mike Hopkins posted a link on facebook about this thing run out of the States — the “24 Hour Poetry Marathon”.

Last year I was very organised, tidied my desk up, bought plenty of food, precooked some meals, shaved, napped during the day, & was, as prepared as I could be (or so I thought) to try writing 24 poems in 24 hours.

Well in around 11 hours I’ll be trying it all again. Except this time, the desk’s a mess, no food is prepared (or even really in the house), I’m about to go out to a potentially boozy bbq, followed by a game of football for a team I don’t really barrack for & I have no plan & NFI.

I wonder which year will prove the most successful 🙂


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