Day 17 – The Contents of White

Been playing a couple of Games with this book (it is the favourite childhood book of a friend who had her engagement party last Friday – this was intended as cheapskate’s gift). Sadly, this is the only Game which is finished & (sort of) works. Names in bold have been altered to protect the identity of the book (a little, not much). It should be an easy solve.


before breakfast
wilma knew what she wanted
escape from endless
loneliness until
charlie came into his life
summer days don’t last
bad news was given during
a talk at home &
wilma’s boast caused
an explosion
the miracle was no one was
a meeting was held
good progress declared
dr. dorian was happy
the crickets even laughed
off to the fair everyone went even
uncle zuckerman
the cool of the evening
the egg sac gave up its gold
the hour of triumph arrived as the
last day of her life faded

a warm wind blew all webs


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