(Hour 17) 2.30-3.30pm — #25 “Duck and dive”

The dictionary defines “duck and dive” as — using one’s ingenuity to deal with or evade a situation. & that’s exactly what I’m about to do now with my next poem.


the water fowl went
the surface of the lake

Definitely the most popular number to date: 8 cards had it on their grid.
Definitely the most popular # to date: 8 cards had it on their grid.

Wahoo! It seems right that I should get to do perhaps the most famous call of all. Legs Eleven. Not sure what I’m gonna do with it yet though. (After a rocky start, my fingers are pulling out better numbers lately: that’s sure to jinx it!)

2 thoughts on “(Hour 17) 2.30-3.30pm — #25 “Duck and dive”

  1. Well done grpb. awesome effort and some really good ones in there that will turn into even better ones i’m sure. I’ve done many daft things in my life, but I can’t imagine staying awake for 24 hours (or at least waking up 24 times in 24 hours) to write 24 poems. I doffs me cap and tugs me forelock.


    • Thanks Mike for these kind words & putting me on to the marathon in the first place.

      It certainly was a ‘thing’ & I’m not sure whether having a “theme” made my job easier. I’m glad I endured it though: there was a kind of trance I got into during various times in the 24 hour block; as well as a sort of horror knowing while this poem is almost done, another was due to start in just a few minutes …

      I’m under no delusions that any of these poems are in my best 10 ever. I doubt any would make my best 100 list. But there are a few that will probably have a next incarnation …

      That said I learnt an almighty lot about the possibility/feasibility of BINGOLINGO as a concept. I think the thing I learnt most of all from this whole shebang was by creating 24 poems around the same theme in one intense burst was discovering quickly what works & what doesn’t, as well as what’s interesting within the concept, & what less so.

      I could see myself doing a similar thing (for my own benefit, without posting, & certainly not for 24 hours) but drafting say, 12 poems in 12 hours on other topics / themed chapbook ideas that I have.

      That make sense 😄


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