(Hour 10) 7.30-8.30am — #20 “One Score”

Hitting double digits on the poem count, the spoonfuls of coffee are getting bigger & I’ve had to do something I was hoping to avoid — making a kind of list poem using occurrences of things twenty — but I can’t get bogged down here… still 14 to go.


20th in the letter lineup
T & the hebrew kaph

double x
in the roman way

two times double x
is perfect sight

6/6 the metric equivalent
(which doesn’t sound as cool)

a very fast form
of rock star cricket

the number of questions
you may ask me

the end of teenagerhood
the beginning of true angst

the third magic number
in physics

for calling egypt
calcium’s weight

the IAU shower number
for Coma Berenicids

(also not that impressive
it’s only a minor meteor after all)

& the number of matchboxes
to make a crap pop band


#55. Jackpot!  This better be a goodun’.

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