(Hour 04) 1.30-2.30am — #71 “Bang on the drum”

(Finally caught up. So to coffee #2 & a small chocolaty treat)


when i was at uni, i was in a band
(one half of an average rhythm section)
the other louder half always said:
“save a drum, bang a drummer”
i’m not sure that line ever worked
but, i couldn’t talk: being the bassist

as far as bangs go, it wasn’t
the biggest, nor by any stretch
the best, it was simply the last
which is the reason i remember
our vocalist punched the drummer
midway through Maggie’s Farm

& so the less-than-stellar musical career of
The (Quantum) Mechanical Engineers … ended


NB I’ve decided (now I’m on a roll) to give a preview of my next number. This time it is #64. Please gimme some more low ones soon universe.

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