Day 6 – back to the list

Now that Easter is out of the way, I can return to the worklist. While having an outlet for exploring one’s grief is healing; it is very liberating to have other topics to dive into.


what’ve you been doing with yourself…

…  i find i’m often being asked
how to answer without offending
i read  i write  i think  i live
walk the dog  avoid paying bills
eat bad food  drink better wine
daydream  am as happy as i can be
if i was smarter & could think deeper
thoughts  i might be a philosopher
(despite being equally poorly paid)

lose myself thinking about simple things

the stars  light  time  bees  mist
rain  loss  loneliness  the nature
of goodness  paths taken & not
being buzzed  storms  souls  if angels
exist  & if they do  what they do
& why  whether justice can ever
come if everything just is  the passing
of the small  utopias  dystopias  ways
of killing the rich … to feed the poor



NB without wishing to sound too much like a first world whinger, I look forward to getting back to the city with fast non-satellite broadband & a non-old computer that doesn’t freeze &/or crash 4 times in the last 45 minutes.

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