back on the write path again …

Ok, so let’s start by ignoring the long break between posts. Many (many) poems have be crafted since April, some of them even quite good, they just haven’t made their way here. NaPoWrMo, while fun, sure was exhausting. Almost as exhausting as what inspired today’s poem.

A friend has just recently begun addressing her unhealthy eating habits & lack of exercise in a very awesome way: by eating healthier & going hiking in the beautiful Aussie bush – during this glorious time of year as winter wears off, & the southern world stretches out & starts to warms up.

She’s also been highly proactive in posting about this on her Facebook page, making winterslobs like me realise we won’t be able to hide under our baggy jumpers for much longer.  She also reminded me how much I love bush walking & how since getting Chester, walks have been “confined” to the beach & along the river …

So today I researched hiking trails which allow dogs, packed the old backpack full of notebooks, a couple of books to read sitting in the sun, the binoculars, a bird identification book, some poop bags, a cap, water, trail mix (well a pumpkin seed roll, a carrot & a capsicum) … & set off.

This poem is the result. It’s in picture form because wordpress doesn’t cope with quirky layouts too well.  It’s in two parts. If they’re not quite big enough to read, click on each verse to make it full size 🙂

Enjoy. & I will make sure the time elapsed before the next update is less pronounced.

bush walk - i. leah fire track   bush walk - ii. timbercutters trail


a couple of snaps taken while on the trail

chester smells

the creek

red breast (look for it)

look closely

red-breast cu



more photos?

another photo? but he’s very polite about it …

you lookin at me?

He’s quite photogenic (I thinks)

panorama reduced

the view

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