Day 24 – April Twenty Four: spit-spot off to bed

I’m reading the biography of P.L.Travers (the woman who created Mary Poppins) – it’s a wonderful rich inspiring book (unlike Disney’s saccharine superficial movie).  It sparks, tingles, fires & inspires so many ideas which I dash off as I read. This is the best of them from today.

night terrors

The children are frightened
of ceiling cracks
creaking radiators
& hot water services
which sizzle in the night

We calm them
with ancient tales
of transformation
flights against the sun
forest witches, & other grims


 mary poppins

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – April Twenty Four: spit-spot off to bed

    • Lea, the Poppins books (8 in all) are wonderful dark mystic fairy tales, more like Grimm than Disney. I highly suggest reading them if you have a chance. As for Valerie Lawson’s biography, it too is beautiful, dark & mysterious: a wonderful portrait of a cantankerous but thoroughly fascinating woman.


      • So many books, so little time… Not to mention the endless list. 🙂

        There is a delightful little village here with about 700 people and 20 bookshops. Most of my guests enjoy a visit. There is also a museum about bookmaking and so much more!


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